Zero 2 consistently delivers Strategic and Business Change Initiatives using their own proven innovative frameworks and governance models managed by experienced leaders, considered to be in the top percentile of the industry.

Zero2 have been delivering change programmes for 15 years spanning complex technology programmes to large mergers and acquisitions.

Our Proposition:

  • Launch, lead and delivery of business change programmes;
  • Set up and management of Programme Portfolio functions (PPMO);
  • Outsource of Programme and Project functions;
  • “Raise the bar” – improving programme and project team performance;
  • Programme recovery – re-aligning and delivering failed programmes;
  • Delivering Business Engagement & Communication frameworks;
  • Recruitment of Programme and Change specialists on behalf of our clients;

Leading edge change management


Programme and Project Management

We provide smart people who are proven at finding creative solutions to complex problems.They will understand your overall programme and project strategy and objectives and ensure successful delivery.

Programme and Project Recovery

In our experience there are some common areas where projects ultimately fail and it is useful to know where to look to identify early signs.


Programmes often occur in challenging environments which demand sensitivity and softer skills. Our approach to identifying the right people focuses as much on the right values and behaviours as it does on the crucial skills and experience needed.

PMaaS – Project Management As A Service

Project Management as a service is a shift in the way we think about project management and how we do it.


Discover how Zero2 could be the perfect fit for your programme.


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