Programme and Project Management

Evalute - Engage, energise and execute

We provide smart people who are proven at finding creative solutions to complex problems.

They will understand your overall programme and project strategy and objectives and ensure successful delivery.

We relentlessly seek the best people in the sector. We target the top percentile of programme and project managers who must have passed our rigorous assessment and achieved our accreditation. The team are supported with tried and tested frameworks which give them the flexibility to respond to specific situations, personalities and client needs but ensure quality and consistency of programme delivery. Research also suggests that organisations with a standard methodology experience less than half the number of project failures than those that don’t.

Engage: At this stage we work closely with clients to understand the organisational strategy, programme objectives & outcomes, overall approach and major risks.

Energise: We believe the initial stages of any project or programme are critical to create momentum and energise people through rapid, highly visible improvements.

Execute: This is the main body of the programme and is delivered under a closely managed programme governance framework to provide assurance throughout.

Evaluate: We constantly review whether we are making progress towards delivering the outcomes and objectives that have been agreed at the very outset.

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