Exceptional programme and project managers are just that – exceptional. They also deliver incredible value by delivering the huge benefits of project success versus the nightmare scenario of project failure. Therefore, identifying and recruiting the best people is critical.

With our decades of experience, we have developed a robust approach to identifying talent with the attributes and attitude to deliver on programmes.

Programmes often occur in challenging environments which demand sensitivity and softer skills. Our approach to identifying the right people focuses as much on the right values and behaviours as it does on the crucial skills and experience needed.

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Zero2 Candidate Qualities

Values and Behaviours

Integrity: Honesty, reliability, consistency and the maturity to take responsibility and respect others. The self-confidence to work with exceptional people and admit mistakes.

Intelligence: Strong analytical skills but also intellectual curiosity and the breadth of knowledge to engage with other smart people.

Impact: The desire to get things done and make things happen. Seeing things through to completion and pushing for things to be the best they can be through personal and professional pride.

Skills and Experience

Subject matter or industry expertise: In depth knowledge of a particular subject area or sector insights that can add significant value to our clients.

Programme management experience: Evidence of delivering complex programmes in challenging environments.

Creative problem solving: Proactively identifying challenges, assessing options and working hard to get around them.