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Programme and Project Management

We provide smart people who are proven at finding creative solutions to complex problems. They will understand your overall programme and project strategy and objectives and ensure successful delivery.

Exceptional programme and project managers are just that – exceptional. They also deliver incredible value by delivering the huge benefits of project success versus the all too familiar outcome of project failure. Therefore, identifying and recruiting the best people is critical.

Project Manager is a title that is sometimes adopted without the rigour of the customised training required to be a well-rounded project professional. The management team at Zero2 are seasoned change professionals, with the ability to define quality and assess the best people in the market to deliver a dependable, world-class service to our clients. We engage all levels of project professionals from Programme Directors, Programme & Project Managers to Project Co-ordinators and Administrators. Our Raise the Bar Programme sees us working with our clients who have in-house project management practices that would benefit from a tailored development and mentoring programme. We use the highly acclaimed DISC-based evaluation, to understand people’s personality strengths, uncovering quadrants of behaviour tailored around project management skills.


Deploying Project Management AI Tools:

Before deploying an AI solution for Project Managers, several prerequisites need to be in place to ensure a successful implementation. Firstly, a clear understanding of the project management processes and workflows is essential. This enables you to identify areas where AI can provide the most value. Adequate data infrastructure is also crucial – having clean, organised, and relevant data is essential for training and validating AI models.

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Business Change -v- Project Management

How Do Project Management and Business Change Management Co-Exist?

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AI in Project Management

Similar to other AI products, these tools are crafted to enhance productivity by relieving you of the more mundane tasks inherent to any role. AI-driven tools for project management follow suit, and even though we're in the nascent stages, several well-established project management platforms are already integrating AI into their frameworks.

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